Wrongful Death

$1,250,000 verdict for estate of a school teacher
who was killed in an automobile collision.

The death of a loved one is one of the most painful events one will ever experience. But when that death is the result of the careless or wrongful act of others, attorneys need to be sensitive to the emotional needs of the survivors, while fighting for justice for the victim.

At Plymale & Dingus, partner Ron Plymale has experience in both trying and settling wrongful death cases. Ron has taught seminars focusing on the law of wrongful death and the evidence and techniques it takes to be most effective in obtaining results. In many cases, the proof needed to obtain the desired results must come from experienced investigative work by a knowledgeable wrongful death attorney.

In wrongful death claims, Ohio law places a limit on the amount of recoverable compensation for non-economic damages, such as grief. Therefore, it is essential for an experienced attorney to be able to prove the economic loss the death has placed on the family.

At Plymale & Dingus, we not only know the law, but we are sensitive to your loss. Our experienced attorneys will take the time to understand your situation and address your needs.

Contact us today to see how our experienced wrongful death attorneys can assist you. The initial consultation is free and our fee is contingent on the results obtained in your case. Our firm does not receive payment unless you receive monetary compensation.