Trucking Collisions

$4,500,000 verdict for estate of father of two children who was killed in a collision with a tractor trailer.

Cars are no match in a collision with 18-wheel rigs and often result in devastating injuries. Prosecuting a truck vs. auto claim that involves life-altering injuries requires attorneys that are skilled and experienced in handling these types of cases.

Trucking companies employ professional investigators who are dispatched to an accident scene within minutes. These investigators interview and record witnesses, take photos and measurements, and sometimes even attempt to influence the outcome of the officer’s accident report. You need someone who will fight for you.

The injury attorneys at Plymale & Dingus understand how to prosecute trucking collisions. They know to test braking devices, examine logbooks, read GPS records, and measure visibility. They also employ reconstruction and medical experts who can help analyze and prove your case.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of a trucking accident, please contact one of our attorneys today. The initial consultation is free and our fee is contingent on the results obtained in your case. Our firm does not receive payment unless you receive monetary compensation.