Spinal Cord Injury Attorneys

Spinal cord injuries are often devastating to both the victims and their families or caretakers. Though research shows some promise, the consequences of spinal cord injuries are permanent and irreversible.

The paralysis, whether paraplegia (legs) or quadriplegia (arms and legs) requires round-the-clock care. This care often involves assistance with basic bodily functions along with living and transportation. The cost, both in terms of family tensions, discord, and disruption, and in hard dollars, is enormous.

Because of the severity of damages, case preparation must be meticulous and constant. Only a few lawyers are equipped by training and experience to know where the family can turn for help and know where and when to enlist the assistance of other professionals to assist in proving liability or damages.

The prosecution of such claims requires a collaborative effort among attending physicians, professional life care planners, vocational experts, economists, and experts in the science of the mechanism or instrument of injury.

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