Back Injury

Ohio Back Injury Attorneys for Those with Trauma-Caused Injuries

Common types of trauma-caused back injuries include:

  • Whiplash (sudden and excessive flexion or extension of the back or neck)
  • Compression fractures of the spinal vertebrae (bone)
  • Hernia ion (tearing) of the disc covering
  • Spinal cord injury

These rough categories don’t begin to describe the multiple variations of which can be present in any individual back injury nor do they begin to describe the combinations of injury and aging changes which can result in pain symptoms.

The Consequences of Traumatic Back Injury

Back injuries are very common and as a result tend to cause more disabilities than any other type of injury. Those who have a history of previous back injury, physically demanding occupations, are over 40, have problems of poor posture, or excessive weight can expect that it will require less force to injure the spine or tissues which support it and that they will be slower to recover.

Compensation in Ohio for Traumatic Back Injuries

Unfortunately, insurance company lawyers have become adept at blaming auto or fall-caused back injuries on age, pre-existing pathology, or a myriad of other causes. This requires that victims hire a skilled Ohio injury lawyer to counter the insurance company’s effort to evade payment. When a back injury results from a wreck or a fall, you will need the help of our Ohio back injury attorneys who understand the anatomy and physiology of the spine and the effect of the accident on your life.