Legal Settlements & Verdicts

The attorneys at Plymale & Dingus strive to achieve the best results possible for our clients. If a settlement cannot be reached, then we are prepared to try the case. All cases are different and results are case-specific, but our attorneys work hard for each client we serve.

With Shawn Dingus as my attorney I got the result I wanted. I really appreciated the depth and the quality of the advice he provided. He exhibited a unique foresight in my case and explained all aspects of it to me clearly. His staff is also very competent and professional and I would recommend them to anyone.

– Aparna V.


The following are a few examples of actual verdicts obtained by our attorneys.

$800,000 $4.5 Million
$50,000 $1.2 Million
$400,000 $1.0 Million
$20,000 $423,000
$0 $350,000
$14,000 $330,000
$500 $215,000


“Michael and Ichelle are the best! Personal attention to every detail I needed and neither one made me feel like just ‘another’ client.  Both were very honest and up ront.  It always felt like I was talking with a friend.”

– Stephenie R.


*The verdicts reported are actual jury verdicts obtained by one of our current lawyers either before or after joining the firm. Settlements and compromises to avoid appeal are not included. The results obtained for any victim depends on the factual circumstances and legal basis for each client’s case.